“Working with Angelina helped me take a big leap into claiming my confidence and worth as a photographer.

In just under two months, I have tripled my income. More importantly, I fell in love with my business all over again and am inspired more than ever before. 

Angelina understood my ideas on a micro and macro level, and helped me organize dollar values, words, and imagery to the concepts that were once jumbled in my mind. She was able to intuitively feel & see into my creative gifts so accurately; she has a strong ability to connect, listen, truly understand the depth and process of your work. As she quickly picked up on the nature of my work, she was able to help me strengthen my business strategy, set new pricing points, and design a gorgeous brochure that I truly feel represents me and what I have to offer to the world. 

Angelina is a true artist that balances both masculine and feminine approaches in her coaching style. She is soft, supportive and extremely intuitive, with a sharp design eye, and strong business intellect. Working with her will take you to the next level in more ways than you'd ever expect.”

– Melodee Solomon, Photographer & Breathwork Facilitator

“The depth of insight and measure of impact I received from my first clarity session with Angelina was transformational and truly priceless. Our conversation seemed to flow gracefully and none of the tools or exercises that she integrated into the process felt forced or unnecessary. Feeling fully supported by the space she held allowed me to explore unseen aspects of myself and uncover previously unknown blocks. With this newfound awareness, Angelina assisted me in creating a powerful mantra to reprogram my thought patterns and manifest the amazing relationship I’d for so long felt unworthy of…


Within 2 weeks of implementing the tools I’d learned through my session with Angelina, I found myself in the beginning stages of what has continued to evolve (months later) into an absolutely amazing relationship. While detached from a specific outcome, I can confidently say that I feel worthy of every amazing moment!

What better proof of impact than physical, visible manifestation of results???”

– Jessica Hetzer, Yoga Instructor


“Angelina has single handedly raised my money consciousness and awareness of the value and worth that I have inside.  For the first time I truly feel abundant and am asking for what I’m worth with confidence and clarity. Within the same week of a session with Angelina, my package offers have been upgraded and I received more than triple what I used to charge. I’m so eager and excited to show up for my abundant life now with continued grace and ease. I appreciate that Angelina balances her high vibration of cosmic awareness with tangible ways of creating prosperity. I highly, highly recommend, getting around Angelina as she is an amazing human being and also a powerhouse connector of greatness.”

– Mike Paige, Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist

“One session with Angelina provided unbelievable CLARITY of purpose and RECONNECTION to myself and Spirit. From the beginning of the session I knew I was in for a wonderful experience yet I couldn’t believe the value I received in just one hour! I was struggling to get my projects off the ground and blocked by self-doubt and overwhelm. I know it sounds dramatic but in just one session my self doubt was lifted and I walked away with a clear plan of what to do next AND a clear remembrance of who I am and how supported I am with my work. I’ve since gone on to get two big projects off the ground from the guidance I received from Angelina. She’s good. Real good. And highly intuitive which saves a lot of time. I highly recommend for anyone seeking clarity in your business or life!”

– Mary Catherine Shurett, Teacher & Coach


“Angelina truly has a magic to her being/sessions. I was in a really low space /vibration and just talking to her is healing, let alone the way she calls upon our angels and guides. She helped me cultivate a feeling of love and guided me to practice feeling this love every day. It wasn’t easy at first but she was so encouraging and helpful I finally started doing it. This led me to meet  someone who I feel a higher level of love that I have ever felt  about a month later. I have never felt so aligned in love and am forever grateful for Angelina’s healing transformation in my life.

Everything in my life is magically aligning and I know Angelina’s magic is guiding me. She is a true guide and will remind you of the magic that has been dormant inside of you!!! I also love how after I got a session with her she continues to follow up with me and genuinely cares about how the magic is unfolding. She is family and guides with the purest intentions of your souls ascension. Forever grateful to have crossed paths with this Angel on earth - and if you have - just know you have been divinely guided. Angelina works with spirit and pure light. If you are thinking of getting a session with her I can promise you Vibrations will lift and time line realities WILL shift.”

– Lucy Lacosta, Singer & Performer

“Angelina is not only very smart and knowledgeable, she also has a huge heart and actually wants to help people out of love. More than anyone I have ever worked with, Angelina has helped me find a way to make money easier and more efficiently than any other person, while still remaining in alignment with my higher purpose and life goals. This woman is definitely the next Louise Hay but with a lot more technical skills and experience covering a vast amount of topics ranging from health, to business, to spirituality. 

It’s not every day you meet someone with a pulse on current market trends and profitability. Angelina is that and way more. She continuously educated herself and stays informed on what’s hot and what not in the digital marketing world and has a huge heart to go along with it!”

– Prem, Musician & Vegan Chef

“Angelina is one of the most unique beings I have ever met. She’s a professional, feminine, spiritual awakener with a ton of business know-how, and having her as a resource has been invaluable. I’m a perfectionist and have always been great at spinning my wheels to a point of exhaustion. I would research everything, lose my intuition, and completely lose myself whenever a big decision needed to be made. As an entrepreneur, it was detrimental to my health, my mindset, and definitely my business! Angelina always manages to connect me back with my Self, which is the best gift I could ask for. I know she’s understands the journey of both entrepreneurship and corporate business, so she’s not only able to guide me back to myself, but she also helps brainstorm ideas for the next steps in my business. She’s an amazing sounding board and my secret weapon to making clearer, smarter, happier decisions that align with my business and personal values. As a health professional, I’m not ashamed to say that I get the right help from the right people; knowing your own strength and weaknesses, and finding the right people to surround yourself with for support, IS taking care of your health!”

– Jessica Shaanan, Confidence Coach

“Angelina is one of a kind. I chose her counsel for dating/relationship matters in my life… She’s smart, a sharp listener and quickly uncovered the blocks that were getting in my way. I left our session wiser, uplifted and with a clear understanding of what to do next.”

– Vishal Shah, Airline Pilot


“Angelina is an amazingly intuitive business coach, who not only strives to bring out the best in her clients financial life, but also in their personal lives. Her years of experience in her thriving design business Skybox, has given her invaluable wisdom in the fields of business, marketing, design, customer service and financial strategy. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have received her services. She was key in my success as an entrepreneur. I don’t know what I would have done without her!”

– Mia De Luca, Branding Specialist, Designer & Singer

“Angelina is an absolute delight to work with. She is insightful and really gives 100% of herself during our coaching sessions. Just her presence alone is very healing; I feel so open sharing all of the vulnerable details of my life and my personal struggles with her without reserve. She has helped me to recognize and clear some of my blockages and helped me to find new healthy coping methods for my struggles. I am grateful to have found her.”

– Lana Chovan, Founder, Nadi Athletic

“Angelina is truly a gifted coach and has found her calling. We did some clarity work and I felt so empowered and supported throughout the entire process. If you are feeling stuck or you want to elevate your life to the next level I highly recommend working with Angelina.”

– Naomi Cundiff, Esthetician & Mama