Sacred Business Coaching


The planet is going through a massive awakening and we need as many heart-centered entrepreneurs as possible to help facilitate the process of evolution. It would be my honor to help guide you through the next steps of making your dreams a reality or tightening up your current business model so you can live an abundant and balanced life. 

In-Person, Video or Phone Sessions Available

Soul Therapy

Emotions that are not properly addressed can lay dormant for years causing all kinds of breakdowns in your physical body and the world around you, including your work and home life, relationships and more. I work with you to uncover your suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from having the life you want so they can be fully healed. 

In-Person, Video or Phone Sessions Available

Sacred Relationships


Whether you’re ready to call in your soul mate or need help navigating your current relationship, we’ll work together to identify what’s been standing in your way. I’ll share the most powerful tools I used that helped me to attract my beloved partner and helped my clients do the same. I’ll also share the secrets we’ve discovered to creating and maintaining an incredibly fulfilling and expansive partnership.

In-Person, Video or Phone Sessions Available

Couple’s Sessions


Romantic relationships are one of the most powerful vehicles for expansion and growth that exist in this life. Unfortunately, none of us were trained on how to authentically relate, how to be vulnerable or how to communicate properly in order to empower each other towards our greatest expression. These skills can, however, be taught. Through a lot of trial and error… of falling and getting back up… my husband and I have developed some powerful tools and methods (Samadhi Techniques) to transcend our past traumas and lean more fully into love.

This session will be facilitated by my both husband and myself.

In-Person, Video or Phone Sessions Available