Below are the different types of sessions I offer…

Soulful Business Coaching


The planet is going through a massive awakening and we need as many heart-centered entrepreneurs as possible to help facilitate the process of evolution. It would be my honor to help guide you through the next steps of making your dreams a reality or tightening up your current business model so you can live an abundant and balanced life. 

In-Person or Sessions-by-Phone Available

Soul Mapping

Life Mapping.jpg

Life mapping is an essential tool for anyone who wants to live an intentional life, especially spiritual entrepreneurs. We usually have a thousand ideas (all of them great too) and get overwhelmed with all the details, often not knowing what to put our energy towards or where to start. Guided life mapping is one of my favorite things to do to help others get clarity and structure on their life goals.

In-Person or Sessions-by-Phone Available

Soul Therapy

Emotions that are not properly addressed can lay dormant for years causing all kinds of breakdowns in your physical body and the world around you, including your work and home life, relationships and more. I work with you to uncover your suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from having the life you want so they can be fully healed. 

In-Person or Sessions-by-Phone Available