How to Embrace Change with Open Arms

The following is a chapter from my book “Walk Your Soul Path”

The Inevitability of Change

Life has given us enough evidence, up until this point, that it doesn’t have any intention of standing still to wait for us. As soon as we feel like we’ve got it, like we’ve mastered even a small part of this elaborate game, it changes on us.

It can show up in many ways; at times dismantling everything we so preciously and meticulously created. Other times taking a more gentle approach, subtly pulsing below the surface, begging for our attention and awareness.

It can come to us with very clear instructions or simply let us know that something is “off.”

What it wants may not always be obvious but it’s impossible to ignore. It’s that moment when our body breaks down on us, when we can’t find the energy to do what life asks of us or we lose inspiration all together.

These are all warning signs to show us something dramatic needs to shift in the way we’re living our lives. So either we become the catalyst for transformation or life takes matters into its’ own hands.

Even if we want it to stop, nothing is designed to stand still in the universe. Everything is in a constant state of vibration and evolution in every moment.

The Hero’s Journey, shown below, can help us better understand this process. It’s the foundational structure for any good movie or story and the underlying blueprint of our lives.

Following is my interpretation of the archetypal pattern as I see it to be.


When we begin our lives, we respond to the call for adventure and begin our first descent towards the bottom of the circle. This is when life, even after numerous trials and tribulations, hands us some sort of deep defeat or betrayal.

In that moment, we have a choice – to accept the lesson, integrate it and proceed upwards towards the top or we can resist it, in which case, we will receive the lesson once more.

This pattern repeats itself over and over again in a spiraling formation, each time getting easier and closer to our truth. Eventually, as we integrate all the lessons, we make it to the center point where we become self-realized.

When we release our resistance and say yes to what life is trying to show us, we can stay in alignment with the gifts we are being given.

Some of us have been better equipped for this kind of change it seems, through our fortunes or perceived misfortunes. We changed schools, moved to new cities, changed jobs, we flowed along and learned how to twist and turn with the spiraling waves of life. While others clung tightly to the familiar and rarely got the opportunity to try on new versions of themselves.

Either way, it’s important to know that we can all learn the skill of adaptability.

If we can learn to master the process of conscious change, we can flow with life rather than wait for it to knock us back on course. And once we understand what change looks like, from an internal perspective, we’ll be able to identify the ego’s attempts to derail us from a mile away.

*The article is an excerpt from my book “Walk Your Soul Path”
(Chapter: The Inevitability of Change)

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