Conscious Parenting: The Shift Our World Needs

I can feel his kicks and his pulsing heart within my body. Beginning his incremental, gradual decent towards the “outside” world.

Even though it appears that he is inside me and that soon we will be separate, I know this is not the truth.

The truth is we both live inside each other and the term “outside” is just a concept. Something we’ve learned. A false program.

The illusion is that we are separate from one another and “everything” around us but what if we remembered that everything is actually connected. Alive. Self-aware.

What if we had a full understanding of this matrix we live in?

And that E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G is a mirror of our inner reality?

What if we were taught these truths from day one?

By the age of just seven, 95% of the subconscious programs are set. That means that most of our adult life - our thoughts, behaviors and beliefs are determined way before we had conscious awareness of them.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t change but it does mean that it takes an incredible amount of effort and focus and energy to change the way we perceive reality.

It means we NEED to meditate and get out of the pathological cycles of thinking so we can access this deeper knowledge that lives within us, just beyond the level of mind.

Knowing this excites me beyond words.

While we’re all doing the work to clean up generations of dysfunction and outdated programs, we have the chance to program this new generation in an entirely new way.

In fact, we have to.

This generation has come to help save the planet from its’ own destruction. The children coming to the earth at this time are extremely brave warriors of light. Although they may look just like you and I, they are very different and they know what needs to happen now.

If they are given the proper tools - programs based on empowerment, love, acceptance, understanding - if they are given tools for how to handle the spectrum of human emotions - how to embrace the yin and yang of life - how to use their thoughts and words consciously - then we have a chance.

It is our responsibility, whether you have kids or not, to be aware of the programs you’re running, the speech you’re using and even the thoughts you’re thinking when you’re in the presence of a child... especially one under 7 years old.

They are our gurus, our teachers, our saviors. Let us not forget the importance of their sacred innocence and let us be humble enough to hear their wisdom.