How to create your own “work-away” retreat

Sometimes we just need to get away; re-group, take time to go within, reflect and create... But rarely do we carve out this kind of time for ourselves. Why? Maybe because we feel obligated to so many people or we feel responsible for keeping our lives held together through our daily routines and to-do lists? But what's possible when we make the time to get away and get focused?

When we leave the familiar and eliminate the distractions of social media, our phones and email, we get access to a deeper level of creativity and focus - it's a form of channeling, where we become a vessel for cosmic energy to work through us.

Josiah and I were feeling the pull to get away, re-center and create so we went on Airbnb, found a place in the mountains (Topanga) and created a plan for the weekend. We made sure the place had a kitchen, space to work and plenty of trees surrounding us.

The plan was to pack up, leave on Friday, get groceries and settle in. We booked the apartment for 3 nights - Fri/Sat/Sun so we would have 2+ days of creativity, silence and time to nurture our bodies.

The schedules we create are always "in flow" to eliminate any tension or stress, allowing the weekend to unfold naturally but with a very clear intention:

  • To work on specific projects (we each had our own and things we were working on together)
  • To eat healthy, vegan, organic, delicious food (this is actually our typical diet, but it's especially important when on a retreat like this where you're using a lot of brain power)
  • To drink at least one green juice a day to stay alkaline and energized
  • Meditation everyday, sometimes 2-3x
  • Yoga, hiking, movement
  • And, of course, time to connect with each other

Our schedule looked something like this:


Schedule creation
Set up altar
Meditation & intention setting
Start project 1 / writing


8:33 - Altar meditation
9:33 - Breakfast (oatmeal)
10:10 - Research, project planning & journaling
12:12 - Salad
1:11 - Hike / meditation @ top
4:44 - Healthy snack and dive into creative projects
8:22 - Delicious dinner
9:11 - Resume projects
11:11 - Cuddle time


8:00 - Meditation under the oak tree
8:33 - Get ready / drive to restaurant
9:33 - Organic breakfast out / journal sesh (Gluten-free vegan pancakes, yum!!)
11:33 - Meditation (1 hour)
12:33 - Creative projects / work-play sesh
3:00 - Yoga on patio deck
4:00 - Gourmet organic warm lunch
5:00 - Resume creative projects (healthy snack @ 6pm)
8:33 - Dinner (salad)
9:11 - Resume projects
2:00am - Sleep


8:33 - Meditation
9:11 - Breakfast (Oatmeal)
10:00 - Work on projects / journal
11:11 - Clean / pack up
1:11 - Check-out
1:30 - Explore town / shops / drive home
2:33 - Stop and get the best vegan lunch around! (Vegan Nirvana)

We got in such an incredible flow over the weekend that I ended up working on my laptop on the drive home and once we got home, both of us jumped back on the computer to create until about 2:00am.

Today was no different, the flow continued... and although it was a little busy playing catch up from being gone, I had the creative energy for all of it.

We live to create, it's part of who we are... whether you're writing a book, launching a new company or want to make more time for your art (painting, photography, etc), taking a "work-away" retreat like this (alone, with a partner or small group) is an incredible way to channel your creative energy, align to your purpose and eliminate anything that's been getting in your way.

We've done these several time before, and what we've found is that the longer the retreat, the more creative potential exists. I still remember a retreat I did for 5 days about a year ago - it was the most productive week of my life.

We noticed there are retreats for yoga and meditation or personal growth/business, but we haven't found any that blend everything together so we're creating our own!

If you're interested in joining us, we'll be doing week long, small group retreats in natural places locally and abroad: all food will be prepared and included, the schedule will be set (in flow) with time to nourish your mind/body/spirit as well as scheduled blocks of time for work-play/creativity.

SIGN UP HERE or call me if you have any questions! 619-865-8881

We're excited to spend some time with you cultivating your beautiful energy and making time to create whatever you're being called to.