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My Story

Owner & Designer @ Skybox Creative

In 2006, I launched my first company and in the years that followed, proceeded to launch three more. First a branding company then a film production company, then a digital products business, and finally coaching.

During all those years of entrepreneurship, I studied spirituality and personal development as if my life depended on it... and in many ways it did. It helped me heal my body of more than one serious health condition, overcome crippling anxiety and succeed at nearly every venture I took on.  

But a few years ago, I hit a wall. I completely broke down. After years of striving to make it to the top, forcing myself to hustle beyond what felt natural, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

My health was suffering, my relationships were suffering and I was completely out of alignment.

I decided to shut my agency down, sell everything and explore the world to rediscover what was true for me.


That journey led me to experience life without all the pressures, demands and social norms I was used to. To discover how much of who I thought I was had been determined by the programming I received.

I came back refreshed, revived and ready to take on life in a completely new way... but I wasn’t completely out of the dark yet.

Then out of nowhere, through a moment of loneliness and deep suffering, I had an awakening experience.

It’s not something words can accurately describe but over the span of two days, I was able to completely see through the illusion of reality. I knew in that moment that we are literally the eyes through which God sees. And that our power is equivalent if we learn how to master the ego-self.

In those final moments, as the default world started to slowly creep back in, I committed myself to doing whatever was necessary to stay on the path of awakening and help others do the same.

Since then, my life has become easier and more abundant in every way; I was led to meet my incredible soul mate, my health and energy have completely recovered, I have an income stream on auto-pilot and the support of AH-MAZING friends and family. 

Life still has it’s challenges but I have greater tools and awareness to navigate my way through them.

I now spend my time guiding people towards greater freedom, alignment and abundance through my books, blog, online courses, retreats and individual sessions.



When I’m not creating or connecting with clients, you can find me sipping on a green juice, dancing around my living room with my husband, our beautiful baby Ziyah and our little kitty Maui.


Thank you for stopping by and connecting... I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!

Be sure to check out my Audiobook: Walk Your Soul Path before you go!



Below is a video sharing a small part of my journey