How do we achieve success in life while staying true to our soul’s calling and feeling a sense of joy everyday?

I've spent the last 15 years decoding just that, discovering the keys to achieving real-world results and a deeper sense of meaning and connection in all I do.

It is my greatest passion to help others do the same. 

I’ve launched several businesses over the last decade which has been a profoundly spiritual and expansive process. Skybox Creative, which I ran for 7 years, eventually grew to a team of 15 people and led me to work with some really big brands. We were winning awards and competing with the top agencies in San Diego but I was so stressed out. Eventually I decided to let it all go. 

In my consistent pursuit to find alignment with my soul’s purpose, I was guided down the path of continuous change. I wore the title of CEO, graphic designer, brand consultant, film producer, travel blogger, life coach and world traveler. 

I became an expert shape-shifter and student of life.

Each business had its’ share of successes and failures (thankfully more successes) and showed me more about myself than any career path ever could. By studying spirituality throughout the process, I was able to identify which teachings were helpful and which ones weren’t when it came to transformation and results.

I learned that seemingly contradictory concepts often yielded the greatest results (i.e. doing less to accomplish more) which redefined the way I look at life. It took me a while to grasp but I finally understand the profound wisdom of the universe and intelligence within the human body.

A couple years ago, Sacred Geometry led me to a passive income stream I never thought possible (through digital products), all while revealing one of the most important truths I still had yet to learn. It’s now integrated into everything I do.

Although my products offered me complete freedom, my deeper calling was always to teach, so I walked away from my security blanket and into the vast unknown, once again. Inching one step closer to my highest truth.

I now spend my time teaching spirituality and personal development through my writing, in-person workshops, online and individual sessions.


When I'm not creating or working with clients, you can find me sipping on a green juice dancing around my living room with my sexy shaman husband and our little lioness, Maui bear.


Thank you for stopping by and connecting. I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!

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Below is a video sharing a small part of my journey